Limited Stock

We supply hotels in NZ and the Pacific Islands with Caffesso for their guests to enjoy in their rooms. Last week, one of these hotels cancelled it's order for its usual blends meaning we have some surplus catering packs with no home to go to. Grab 50 Caffesso Capsules for ju...
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Make A Difference

Looking for somewhere to drop off you used Dolce Gusto capsules? If you are around Auckland's North Shore, then bring them to us. We collect them, ship them off to Terracycle and earn points that we then gift to charity. Everyone's a winner...If you are elsewhere, then use t...
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Nespresso Recipes

December 30, 2017

Make Special Things With Caffesso.....

Tired of your standard Long Black or Flat White? Try making some of these Nespresso Recipes and pair your new favourite coffee drink with a food pairing. Most Nespresso capsules have a Caffesso equivalent and so once you know how to make the drink of your choice, check ...
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20% Off Dolce Gusto !

December 13, 2017

Save 20% Across All Dolce Gusto Products

Looking to cut down your Dolce Gusto bills? Then, try this promo : 20% Off All Dolce Gusto Products. Offer ends this coming weekend, so act now to make sure you don't miss out. Click here to get started....
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Bring Your Empty Original Dolce Gusto Pods

We have brokered a deal with Terracyle to become a collection centre for used ORIGINAL Dolce Gusto Pods. So, when you have used your current batch, come by 2/10 Tait Place, Rosedale, Albany to drop them off.For every pod that we recycle, we get Charity Dollars that we can re...
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Dolce Gusto - New Zealand

November 6, 2017

Time For A Change?

We now stock an alternative capsule to the original Dolce Gusto capsule. It's called Rene and there are 9 tasty blend to choose from. Our personal favourites are the Latte Macchiatos in Caramel and Vanilla. Check them out here....
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Caffesso For Nespresso

Steve and I chose to represent Caffesso here in New Zealand because it was great quality coffee in a hermetically sealed recyclable capsule. The pod design works as well as original Nespresso capsules and it is a product that we would buy ourselves. This meant we turned down...
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Better Deals On Nespresso Pods For New Zealand

Right now, we have 4 or our Caffesso For Nespresso blends on special at just $4.99 - that's just 49 cents per pod. Caffesso is an award winning Nespresso compatible capsule which is available exclusively through Offer ends this Sunday. &...
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Does It Really Make A Difference?

Heaps of people right across New Zealand ask us whether descaling their Nespresso machine is a necessity. Our answer is always the same : a resounding YES. Over a period of some 300 brews, the "guts" of your Nespresso machine will start to be coated in a calcium build up. If...
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