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Will Caffesso and Caffesso Eco Blends work in my Nespresso machine?
Yes, yes and yes. The truth is that some other compatible pods do not work very well in some of the machines but Caffesso works in all original branded Nespresso machines : GUARANTEED. This means the full range of both Breville and De'Longhi machines including the Essenza Mini, the Inissia, the U Machine, the Pixie, the Citi-z, the Maestria, all the Lattissima models, the Prodigio and Creatista Plus Machines. No problem.

What's the difference between Caffesso and Caffesso Eco Blends?
We have been selling Caffesso here in New Zealand since 2013. We have been selling Caffesso Eco Blends here in New Zealand since 2018. Caffesso Eco Blends is a range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods made from 100% plant materials. This makes them 100% compostable.

What Are The Caffesso Eco Blend Capsules Made From and How Can They Be Compostable?

Caffesso Eco Blends, are 100% compostable. They are made from plant material (sugar cane and sugar beet) and have a thin paper lid. They contain no aluminium nor plastic which means they can be safely disposed of without having to remove the used coffee or the lid. 
If used Caffesso Eco Blend capsules are taken to a commercial composting facility (see next question below), then they will reduce to just organic matter and water in just 8 to 12 weeks. They have been tested and verified as 100% compostable by both Vincotte and Din Certco under EC standard EN 13432. 

What Should I Do With My Used Caffesso Eco Blend Capsules?
The best option is to speak with, if you have one, your food waste collection company, organic waste company or garden bin company. Most of the good ones will accept compostable packaging but please check first because some do not. 

If that's not an option, you can drop them back to us at 2/10 Tait Place, Rosedale, Auckland and we wil pay WeCompost to come and collect them.

Or drop them into one of the fifty or so Compostable Packaging Bins sponsored by Innocent Packaging. These bins are placed around Auckland CBD and you can read more about this here.

Both these options are a free service and dealing with your used Caffesso Eco Blend capsules in this way will mean they will be turned into compost and used on avocado and kiwi fruits farms in NZ. 

If neither of the above is possible, then our least favourite option is landfill. Caffesso Eco Blend capsules in landfill is a way better option than plastic or aluminium capsules in landfill. Caffesso Eco Blends pods will decompose in a fraction of the time of a plastic or aluminium pod. That's a matter of months compared to centuries. When they do decompose, they will leave organic matter only – that means no plastic and no aluminium. Since they are made from sugar cane and sugar beet, they actually replace lost nutrients in the the soil.

Are Caffesso capsules recyclable?
Caffesso capsules are made from recyclable plastic but please check with your local council first. Generally speaking, if you remove the silver foil, wash out the coffee (using the grinds as compost if you want) then you can recycle them. The outer cardboard box too is recyclable in the same way.

Will Rene work in my Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine?

Yes, yes and yes. Up until now, Nestle / Nescafe have had it their own way. Rene offer a real alternative. It is guaranteed to work in all models of Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines, including the Piccolini, Mini Me, Stelia, Jovia, Eclipse, Oblo, Lumio and Drop machines.

Why do some Rene drinks need two pods and others just one pod?
Just like original Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods, some of the Rene drinks require two pods because one pod contains coffee or chocolate and the other pod contains the milk element. By using two pods, you can create a layered drink like a Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. Other drinks require just one pod because either no milk is required or the milk is included in with the coffee or chocolate. You can see which ones are which by reading the product description on each product page.

How can Caffesso and Rene be less expensive than the original pod but still be better quality coffee?
We minimise our costs. We don't have expensive shop fit outs. We don't have George Clooney on the payroll. And we don't spend millions on advertising. This means that we can sell our brands for less than the original brand and still, turn a profit. So, that is what we do.

Which Caffesso is best for a Flat White?
This is very personal. Any of the higher intensity blends will provide for a great flat white. We are both currently enjoying the Marcala and Toloima but the Intenso, Indiano, Sidamo and the Forza Roma will also suit.

Can Nestle / Nescafe / Nespresso void my machine warranty if I use non original capsules?
Here is the Update : It is anti-competitive for them to void warranties. In 2014, Nespresso in Europe were told that they had to stop doing this. At that point, Nespresso made a world-wide commitment to stop voiding warranties.

What's the deal with dated stock?
99% of our products are well within their best before dates. Sometimes, we purchase capsules from other suppliers that are dated. Dated means that the best before date has either passed or will soon. When this is the case, we clearly mark this on the product page listing so you know this before buying. Dated stock is always discounted : sometimes up to 90% off.
There is a huge difference between BEST BEFORE DATES and USE BEFORE DATES. USE BEFORE DATES are reserved for items that might be harmful to you if you consume them after that date (like meat and eggs for example). You can safely consume foods that have passed their BEST BEFORE DATE. Coffee pods have BEST BEFORE DATES.
Nespresso pods are nitrogen flushed to remove the oxygen before being filled with ground coffee. They are then hermetically sealed meaning that the ground coffee inside each capsule is protected from air, light and humidity. This makes taste and aroma degradation really unlikely even months after the best before date has expired. Click here to read what Food Standards NZ think.

Should I buy a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine or a Nespresso Machine?
A Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine is less expensive to start (usually around $149 but you can sometimes get them on special for almost half of that). The milk component is powdered and some drinks require 2 pods - one milk and one coffee / chocolate.
A Nespresso machine is about twice the price (around $299 but again you can sometimes get them on special for closer to $200). The machine uses fresh milk and you only need one pod per drink.
Our verdict : Powdered milk doesn't do it for us so if you can afford the Nespresso machine, then that's the best option. Plus, over its lifetime, a Nespresso machine ought to be less expensive because you only use one pod per drink.

When will I get my order and How Much is Shipping?

We ship at a fixed rate of $5 - that's nationwide - plus $2.50 for rural addresses. Sometimes we offer special free shipping with qualifying orders. Currently all orders over $50 get free shipping.We ship all orders received before 3pm that same day : Monday to Friday. Most customers receive their orders the next business day but if your address is in the South Island or rural (or both), then please allow for 2-3 business days.

Why should you buy your coffee capsules from us and not George Clooney?
We are Nespresso and Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine owners. We are consumers. We are real people. We know what annoys people and what makes them happy because we feel the same.
If you call us, we will answer the phone. If you email us, we will respond quickly. If you ever have a problem, we will always react in a fair and reasonable manner. We, Suzanne and Steve, are personally responsible for our business and the buck stops with us.
We also like to give back a little. We are not super greedy and feel happier inwardly if we contribute to worthy causes with some of our profits ; so that is what we do. We proudly supported One Dollar Warriors before it disbanded, currently support Women's Refuge and offer free product to most fund raising efforts that request it. 
You do not need to have a Membership Number and we do not need to know everything about you before you can buy from us.
Thank you for trusting us. It is our clients that keep us going.


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