Coffee Pods - Stay Social - Let's Be Friends

Want to know more about coffee pods? Flick us an email or get onto our Let Me Know List. Getting on the List is the best way to find out about our promotions, discounts competitions and other bits of coffee pod advice that we will share with you.

Can't wait? Then pick up the phone and dial 09 444 6838 to speak to a real person : Suzi is her name and coffee pods are her game (as well as dominoes).

Want To Save On Shipping?

Great, you can buy more coffee pods with the savings. Drop by our Warehouse Shop at 10 Piermark Drive, Unit 4F, Rosedale, North Shore, Auckland between 10am and 4pm any weekday.

We can talk to you about how you like your coffee and find a pod that best suits you : and, if it's a Friday, you might just get a doughnut. Actually, that's quite unlikely since they are usually gone by about 10.15am.


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