Caffesso - Forza Roma - Intensity 10




100% Nespresso compatible. 10 Capsule Pack. Supplied in a 100% hermetically sealed capsule. This means less packaging and no requirement for the single foil wrapper making this capsule 100% recyclable.


If you enjoy a glass of Merlot, you'll love our strong espresso expertly crafted from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Africa and India. This intensely roasted Espresso blend combines the acidity and woody notes of two separate Robusta coffees, with the subtlety of cereal and winey notes, and more pronounced chocolate overtones of our selected Arabica. Forza Roma is blended to deliver a powerful coffee tasting experience.

Recommended milk recipes: Add frothed milk to a single shot of Forza Roma to create a strong Cappuccino in a 75ml cup. Or steamed milk to a single shot to make Caffè Latte in a 110ml cup. For a more powerful drink, spoon frothed milk over a long shot for Spanish style Café Cortado in a 55ml cup.

60% Arabica 40% Robusta. Countries of Origin: Brasil, India, Uganda.

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