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10 Capsule Pack. 100% Nespresso compatible. Supplied in a 100% hermetically sealed capsule. This means less packaging and no requirement for the single foil wrapper making the this capsule 100% recyclable. 


We've blended coffee beans from the oldest origins of the genus. This vigorous espresso blend exudes the distinctive characteristics of Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian and Colombian coffees with a hint of cocoa, and an enhancing Asian Robusta citrus bite, guaranteeing a full bodied cappuccino or a powerful Cafe Cortado.

Recommended milk recipes: Add frothed milk to a shot of Intenso to create an intense 75ml Cappuccino. Or add hot milk to a shot of Indiano to make a powerful French style Café au Lait or Spanish style Café con Leche (110ml cup). For a really powerful drink, spoon frothed milk over a long shot of Intenso for a Spanish style Café Cortado in a 55ml cup.

90% Arabica, 10% Robusta. Countries of Origin: Ethiopia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Colombia.

Caffesso are Nespresso compatible capsules that will work in all Nespresso Machines. They will not work in Dolce Gusto machines.

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