Hot Chocolate For Your Nespresso Machine...

The Science Behind The Coffee Pod

Have you ever wondered why Nespresso have not brought out a chocolate pod? Well, if you understand the science as to why ground coffee needs to be in a pod whilst hot chocolate does not, not then you will wonder no more. By way of explanation:
Ground coffee is not soluble and that is why the hot water from your Nespresso machine needs to pass through it under pressure. The internal walls of the pod creates that pressure and allows for what is called coffee extraction. Extraction “pulls” the coffee oils amongst other things from the ground coffee to your cup. The pod is an essential part of this process.
Hot chocolate powder is soluble and so does not need a pressurized environment to make a drink. It just needs to be added to the hot milk from your machine and stirred enough to allow the powder and milk to mix properly. The pod is not an essential part of this process.
Doing away with the pod means less cost and less waste too. That's good for the environment and good for your pocket. That's why we now stock a gluten free and Fairtrade Hot Chocolate for use with your Nespresso machine, and for a short time, it's available at an introductory price of just $4.50 per pack of ten. Grab yours here......


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