The Full Caffesso Range : 10 Blends

3 Brand New Blends and Greener Capsule Design Too!

Caffesso is changing. The moody people over at Nespresso and their constant whinging about patents has meant that each Caffesso pod needed a foil wrapper to keep the coffee fresh. Now, it doesn't. Nespresso patents have fallen away and there is new technology which has paved the way for a new Caffesso pod.

In fact, Caffesso is the first fully hermetically sealed Nespresso compatible pod in the World. This means that it is air tight and so the foil wrapper is no longer required. That pesky foil wrapper was the only thing that prevented Caffesso from being 100% recyclable so we are really pleased to see the back of it. The new pod design also means way less packaging and a smaller carbon footprint too.

Finally, 3 new blends to try : Lungo Forte and two single origin coffees : Colombian and Sidamo. Sidamo is now our personal favourite.


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