Why You Should Not Buy The Nespresso Vertuo Machine

A Little Bit Of History.......

Nestle own Nespresso as well as heaps of other companies.
When Nespresso first launched, it applied for hundreds of patents to cover the design of the capsule. These patents were granted which meant that other third parties could not "copy" the design of the capsules.
This meant that Nespresso had a monopoly in terms of ongoing supply of pods.
This is exactly what they wanted. Customers that owned a Nespresso Machine, had to buy pods direct from Nespresso.
Unfortunately, for Nestle, Nespresso didn't take off for a while so for the first decade or so, they didn't take full benefit from the patents. By the time that Nespresso started to become popular, some / all the patents had expired which meant that third parties could start to produce coffee pods to fit Nespresso Machines - Caffesso being one of them. 
This led to variety, competition and lower pricing.
Nestle didn't like that but since their patents had expired, they could not do anything about it.
Fast forward a few years, and they have started the process again by producing the Vertuo Machine.
It uses a different shaped pod and Nestle has applied for patents to cover the design. This prevents third party competition. This means Nestle will have a monopoly when it comes to ongoing pod supply.
So, only buy this machine, if you are sure you want to buy your pods from Nespresso and Nespresso only. If you want variety, compostable options and lower priced pods too - then perhaps don't.


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