Compostable Coffee Pods For Your Nespresso Machine

NZ's Largest Range Of Blends In A Pod Made From Plants - Compostable Nespresso Compatible Capsules

We are trying to make using your Nespresso Machine as guilt free as possible and that is why we've switched Caffesso from a plastic pod to one that is made from plants - effective 1st January 2021.
The pods are now biodegradable and compostable. They are made from plant material and contain zero plastic and zero aluminium. The coffee inside each compostable capsule has won awards in Europe and comes in 15 different blends - there's espressos, long blacks, flavored coffees and a decaf too - some are best served on their own, or with a splash of milk and others with frothed milk.
Crucially, we have financed this change from our own margins so you can rest assured that being "greener" will not cost you any more from your own pocket. We sell Caffesso for just $6.50 per pack of 10 pods. Some other brands are available at nearly three times that price - check out Halo at $19.99 for 10 pods. Yowzers!
We'd love it if you got on board with a "Kinder Capsule For New Zealand". And we think you'd love it too.
Have you tried them yet? Go on, give it go........


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