New Caffesso Capsule Reduces Landfill

Caffesso is now 100% Recyclable

For years, Nespresso have vigorously enforced its patents against third parties looking to bring to market a Nespresso compatible capsule. This has meant that Nespresso's competitors, including Caffesso, have had to make modifications to the materials and the design of its capsules or risk being taken to court. Sometimes, these modifications have had a negative knock on effect.

You would have noticed that each Caffesso capsule is currently sold in a sealed foil wrapper. This is because the back end of the capsule (the bit that gets pierced by the machine needles) is not 100% air tight. A single foil is therefore required to keep the ground coffee fresh inside the capsule.

This is now set to change. The new Caffesso capsule is now 100% air tight (a World first for a compatible capsule) which means that the single foil is no longer required and landfill is reduced.

We love this news and think it is a big step forward. Now, every component part of Caffesso is recyclable, from the ground coffee and the plastic capsule to the outer carton. We will be phasing out the old version of Caffesso with the new version over the next few weeks so please bear with us as we get through stock.


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