Choosing a Nespresso Machine : Which Model is Best?

Impartial Advice

We have been using Nespresso for over 10 years and selling it for about 18 months and are happy to share with you what we know. Of course, these are our personal views only.

First up, don't buy an after market machine. The original machines in New Zealand are made by De Longhi and Breville and are actually quite good value. An after market machine (like Capodcino from Countdown) might only be 20% or 30% cheaper than an original machine so we don't think that the cost savings are worth it. Plus, some of the after market machines do not accept compatible capsules which means that you will be committed to buying the original Nespresso pods only.

Second, do not be afraid of buying the least expensive original Nespresso machine on the market. Nespresso machines, regardless of model, actually all do the same thing. They produce wonderful fresh coffee time after time. Although they might look different to one another they all use the same internal system of extraction and all have the same warranty under the Consumer Guarantees Act. The cheapest of the Nespresso machines is the Inissia so we suggest buying it.

Third, the U Machine has proven to be quite tricky. The rumour is that Nespresso made this one a little different so to stop some third party capsules from working properly (Robert Harris earlier this year was one of those affected). This tinkering has meant that the machine is not as robust as some of the others and so we would suggest not buying this model.

Finally, if you have a problem with your Nespresso machine then exercise your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act to get it fixed for free. The High Street Retailers might tell you that you must go direct to Nespresso to get a resolution : this is incorrect. You have a contract with the Retailer and they must deal with your problem.

Thanks for reading.


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