NZ Nespresso Pods Sales - A Brief History

Nespresso Is Nearly 40 Years Old.....

In 1976, Eric Favre, whilst working for NestlĂ©, invented the Nespresso coffee making system and offered it to the business market in Nestle's home country of Switzerland. It flopped.

Ten years later, the Nespresso concept was released in Japan and then rolled out to customers in Switzerland, France and Italy. It wasn't until 1996, a full decade later, that the product enjoyed any real success. This was largely due to the launch of Le Club - Nespresso's Membership Program.

In 1990, NestlĂ© signed a contract with Turmix, which started to make and sell Nespresso machines in Switzerland. Thereafter, additional  contracts were signed with other machine manufacturers. Generally speaking, Nespresso appoint two local country manufacturers - in New Zealand this is Breville and De'Longhi.,

Starting out as an e-commerce business, just like mycoffeecapsules, Nespresso only opened their first boutique shop in Paris in 2000 as a concept store. Today, Nespresso has a global network of more than 700 boutiques in 67 countries.

The first patent application for Nespresso's process of brewing espresso from capsules containing ground coffee was filed in 1996. This was the golden egg for Nestle - preventing other third party capsules from entering the market. Patents, generally only last for 20 years at which point the "patented" concept may legitimately be replicated. This would explain the increase in compatible capsules after this date.

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