Can Nespresso Void Your Warranty For Using Compatible Capsules?

In short, the answer is no

Here is the Update : It is anti-competitive for Nespresso to void warranties. In 2014, Nespresso in Europe were told that they had to stop doing this. At that point, Nespresso made a world-wide commitment to stop voiding warranties, read the full report here.

In New Zealand, the new machines still have the warranty wording that allows them to void the warranties : I bought one last week to check.

This prompted me to call the Nespresso Club. I was told that they will NOT void warranties if you use a non-original pod but they will charge you if a pod gets stuck in the machine.

Whilst this may well happen with other compatible pods out there, Caffeso simply does not have machine compatibility issues. We have about 5000 machine owners using Caffesso and have sold about half a million pods last year. That's a fact.


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