Nespresso Machine? - What Are Your Pod Options?

How To Choose Pods That Are Right For You?

If you own a Nespresso machine here in New Zealand, then you will understand that there are quite a few pod options to choose from.
Original Nespresso pods are only available direct from Nespresso. They want you to be a member of their Club and so you need to sign up before they sell you anything. A pod can cost you up to $1.17 and, if you are buying online, then you have to buy in multiple of 50 pods at a time.
The pods are made from Aluminium and so cannot be recycled very easily. You cannot put original Nespresso pods into your home recycling bin - the Council will not be happy. This is why Nespresso offer a drop off service for recycling - you have to take your used pods to one of their recycling drop off points. Even then, recycling Aluminium is not very cost effective and has quite a carbon footprint too. 
Caffesso is our brand of Nespresso compatible pod in NZ and is available exclusively through us at www.mycoffeecapsules.co.nz. The brand is owned by a group of entrepreneurs in the UK where it is available in 5 star hotels including the Savoy Hotel in London.  
Our Caffesso pods cost just 75 cents - even less if you buy one of our 200 pod packs - this saves you up to $91 on 200 pods when compared against original Nespresso pods.
We have some 15 different bends - flavoured coffees, espresso coffees, long black coffees and a decaf. You can buy one pack or a hundred packs and we offer free shipping on all orders over $100.
Our pod is made from recyclable plastic that can by put in your home recycling bin (please remove the foil lid and coffee first). The pod itself is Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) which is a crystalline, high molecular weight polymer that has an excellent balance of properties and processing characteristics. Because the material crystallizes rapidly, mold cycles are short and molding temperatures can be lower than for many engineering plastics - this means a lower carbon footprint too.


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