How To Look After Your Nespresso Machine

Four Easy Steps

Regardless of which Nespresso machine model that you have, you are going to want to make sure that you protect your investment. Like any home appliance, provided you follow a few simple tips, then your machine should work for a good few years without issue.
First up, try not to let the water tank run dry. When this happens, the machine sucks in air rather than water and can cause an air lock. This leads to lower pressure and can cause long term problems. If this has happened to you, email us for more information.
Second up, descale your machine once every 300 brews or so. Descaling removes calcium build up inside the machine which, left untreated, will break your machine. You can buy Nespresso's own descaling solution but we sell lower priced tablets here
Third up, clean your machine every once in a while - that means wiping the outside with a damp cloth and washing up the capsule tray and drip tray in your sink.
Lastly, we own pretty much all the Nespresso machine models so that we can test our capsule, Caffesso, in them for ongoing compatibility. So, if you have a problem with your machine, let us know because we might just be able to help.


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