Broken Nespresso Machine ?

Do You Know Your Rights?

Nespresso machines break every once in a while. That's a fact. Sometimes, it's user error or poor maintenance (you must remember to descale your machine). Sometimes, it's the poor quality pods that are put inside it. Other times, its a manufacturing defect.
We recently heard from one of our longtime customers that her Nespresso machine had gone kaput and she wanted to know which machine she should buy to replace it.  The machine was about two and a half years old.  We asked why she wasn't taking it back to where she bought it from and she said that the retailer said that since the machine was older than two years then the warranty had expired : wrong. The retailer had also told her that since this was a Nespresso machine she had to deal with Nespresso : wrong. When she contacted Nespresso, she was told that since she had used non-original pods then the warranty was now void : wrong.
We stepped in to help. Steve used to be lawyer in the UK and the NZ and UK consumer protection laws are pretty similar. Our client got himself a brand new machine at no extra cost because he was covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act. Its definitely worth a read since it actually applies to everything that you buy as a consumer.


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