Nespresso And Best Before Dates

What Makes Coffee Go Stale ?

We get asked this question heaps because most of the genuine Nespresso capsules that we resell are short dated or beyond their best before dates.

Coffee is spoiled by three things : light, air and humidity. If ground coffee comes into prolonged contact with any of these, then you can expect the original taste of the coffee to become affected. This is true for all food items.

Nespresso pods are hermetically sealed (air tight). This protects the ground coffee from the three coffee spoilers. Even before the ground coffee is put into the capsule, the capsule is flushed with nitrogen to expel any air (oxygen) that is already "inside" capsule. Then the ground coffee is placed inside and the silver foil lids are attached. Provided that lid is still ballooned, the capsule is still air tight and the ground coffee has not been exposed to any light, air or humidity.

We have sold tens of thousands of original Nespresso pods now (all at a discount when compared to buying direct from Nespresso) and all have been shorted dated or expired. The coffee is perfectly safe to drink and we think tastes exactly the same as it did whilst it was in date. Check out our current stock here.


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