Nespresso Warranties (The BIG Myth)

Use Non Original Nespresso Pods Without Fear !

We got an email today from The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment giving advice on the rights of the consumer under the Consumer Guarantees Act. This got me thinking about the Nespresso Warranties again so I called our local Noel Leeming and asked them about using compatible capsules in Nespresso machines. I was told that my machine warranty would be void if I did. I politely put the phone down.

They are wrong. Nespresso cannot void warranties just because you admit to using a compatible capsule like Caffesso. This Wall Street Journal Article is a good independent source for those of you that want to hear this news from somebody without a vested interest.

I also have emailed the MBIE for their legal opinion because this is really beginning to annoy us. It is scaremongering and protectionism that should be stamped out. Shame on you, Nespresso, give us all a fair chance.


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