Nespresso - Indiano - Intensity 11




10 Capsule Pack. 100% Nespresso compatible. Supplied in a 100% hermetically sealed capsule. This means less packaging and no requirement for the single foil wrapper making the this capsule 100% recyclable. 


Indiano is crafted from 100% Indian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Its intense aroma comes from a combination of slow roasting and high caffeine, and its dark roasted finish lends a caramelized body to Indiano's richness and heady taste characteristics perfectly evocative of the Indian sub-continent. Makes a great Ristretto too.

Recommended milk recipes: Add hot milk to a shot of Indiano to make French style Café au Lait or Spanish style Café con Leche in a 110ml cup. Add frothed milk to Indiano to create a powerful Cappuccino in a 75ml cup. Or add steamed milk to a single shot to make 110ml Caffè Latte.

95% Arabica; 5% Robusta; Countries of Origin: India, Indonesia, Ethiopia.

Caffesso are Nespresso compatible capsules that will work in all Nespresso Machines. They will not work in Dolce Gusto machines.

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