Perfetto - 60 Nespresso Pods - Dated




Not our usual bag but a deal just the same.  These Perfetto capsules are Nespresso compatible. They have a best before date of somewhere between 10th February 2018 and 8th March 2018 and they are priced accordingly at less than half price.  We have limited stock and so when they have gone, that's it. 

All foodstuffs must carry a best before date but for some products, it is more important than others. The pods are supplied in a box of 60 and inside each box there are 6 sealed foil bags for maximum freshness. The best before dates are just that - best before - not use before. They are perfectly safe to drink and will be for many many months.

Sold Out - Italiano - Intensity 6/10 - Easy on the palette, Italiano has an indulgent and pleasurable aroma and flavour, perfect for espresso, long black or macchiato.

Roma - Intensity 10/10 - The strongest blend of beans from Vietnam, India and Uganda. A full-bodied coffee with a rich, heavy crema and aroma. Best served with milk.

Sold Out - Milano - Intensity 8/10 -  The perfect all-rounder. Smooth and dulcet balance of strength and flavour. Bright and lasting aftertaste. Best served with milk. Sold Out

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