Nespresso - PODDIES - Strawberry - Sugar Free




Nespresso Compatible. 10 Pod Pack.

The retail price on this item is $7.99. The best before date range on this item is between November / December 2016 and March / April 2017 and they are priced accordingly at less than half price.  We have limited stock and so when they have gone, that's it. 

All foodstuffs must carry a best before date but for some products, it is more important than others. The pods are supplied in a box of 60 and inside each box there are 6 sealed foil bags for maximum freshness. The best before dates are just that - best before - not use before. They are perfectly safe to drink and will be for many many months.

Picture fairies in the garden sipping their favourite nectar. Got it? Good, cause our sugar free strawberry poddies will give you a similar feeling.

These sensational strawberry pods have a wonderful pink colour and podilicious sweet delectable taste. Note: your children may not actually turn into a fairy when drinking this.

Make it with either HOT or COLD milk or mix it with one of the other flavours to make an extra special treat!

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