Nespresso - PODDIES - Chocolate - Sugar Free


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Nespresso Compatible. 10 Pod Pack.

The retail price on this item is $7.99. The best before date range on this item is between November / December 2016 and March / April 2017. We have personally tried the product within this date range and cannot taste any discernible difference to the in date product.

It's 3pm and the kids are nagging at you for an afternoon treat – but you don't want to ruin their dinner appetite. That's where Poddies comes in.

Your kids will love this sweet, creamy, choc-o-licious hot chocolate whilst you can relax and feel guilt free as it's 100% natural colours and no preservatives.

Make it with either HOT or COLD milk or mix it with one of the other flavours to make an extra special treat!

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