Dolce Gusto - Choose Your Own Contents !

Dolce Gusto - Choose Your Own Contents !

Are you getting annoyed about the lack of Dolce Gusto flavours here in NZ? Yep, then try our Reusable / Refillable Dolce Gusto Pod and improve your life tenfold. There are many reasons why you should own one of these :

- Save Money : Dolce Gusto pods at the supermarket are around 62 cents per pod. A single reusable pod is just $14.99 (or $34.99 for three) and you can use it around 100 times. In fact, one of our customers got 300 uses before having to buy another one.

- Reduce Waste : since you are reusing the same pod, you are reducing landfill.

- Allows you to brew your favourite drinks including hot chocolate, tea, milk and, perhaps most importantly, choose better quality coffee or even decaffeinated coffee (which is not readily available here in NZ in a Dolce Gusto pod).

- You can now cater for dietary requirements and intolerances : Whether it's lactose free, gluten free, non-allergenic or just better quality coffee you crave, with these reusable capsules you can pick exactly what you want.

Grab yours now !


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